How to Help Distribute Powdered Milk for Babies to Countries in Need

California Milk USA Exports of Baby Milk to China Increasing

This May Be Sent to China Infant Milk Powder

Since 2008, when the first major outbreak of contaminated milk occurred in China, the export industry have seen a huge increase in the amount of baby milk that is being shipped to the region.

The first episode of milk contamination in China occurred in 2008, when three of the top dairy firms in the country were proven to have been affected by the presence of melamine, a chemical normally used in plastics.

It was initially thought that the presence of melamine was confined to powdered milk, but further tests concluded that liquid milk had also been affected.

Grocery chains in China stopped selling all dairy products that may have been contaminated, and concerned parents flocked to local hospitals over fears that their babies could be suffering from potential kidney failure.

A few years on, and China has yet to dispel the concern over its dairy products, with a new outbreak, this time concerning mercury contamination, having been uncovered earlier this year.

It is therefore understandable that parents in China are taking no chances and looking for the comfort and trustworthiness of top branded baby milk. Baby food is produced under rigorous health and safety standards here at California Milk USA. We’ve listed some of the most popular brands of baby milk that we send to China below.

Optimal Infant Milk Ages 0-6

Optimal Newborn Milk Ages 6-12

Optimal Growth and Brain, and Eye Development

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With our international delivery service we are able to dispatch all of these products from the United States to your door, wherever you are in the world.

So, if you live in China and are looking for the best baby milk, you can choose from a range of trusted top quality brands; look no further than California Milk USA.

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