Optimal Golden Age Formula

$48.88 for 900g | $28.88 for 400g

California USA Milk Golden Age is available in a creamy vanilla. California USA Milk Healthy Start Infant is a milk based formula that comes in the following form and sizes:

  • Form: Powder
  • Size: NET WT 400g (14.1 oz) & 900g (31.8 oz) flavor.

Product Description


A unique organic soy based formula to provide seniors with the proper daily nutrition and support that their body needs.

Special Senior Support

  • Formulated to promote good heart health.
  • Helps promote proper digestive function and health.
  • Designed to help boost the immune system.
  • Calcium fortified for bone health.

Product Highlights

  • Powder (add water)
  • Formulated for adults
  • Immune system boost
  • Supports healthy disgestive system
  • Promotes good heart health
  • Cholesterol free
  • Lactose free

California USA Milk Golden Age is organically formulated for the special nutritional need of seniors.

Additional Highlights

  • Group: 25 essential daily nutrients
  • MUFA & PUFA improve cardiovascular health
  • Calcium, Phosphate, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D promotes bone health
  • Synergy 1 enhances calcium absorption, immune system boost
  • Vitamins & Minerals essential for good health

  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Lactose free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Immune system boost
  • Calcium fortified for bone health
  • Promotes good heart health
  • Digestive system support

California USA Milk Golden Age  is available in a rich and creamy vanilla flavor

Directions for Preparation and Use:

Your body’s health depends on carefully following the instructions on preparation, use and storage. This is an organic soy based formula, if you are allergic to soy, use only under a doctor’s supervision. When switching to any formula, a gradual transition is best. Use purified or cooled, boiled water for mixing and the need to boil clean any utensils, bottles and cups in water before use.
• Step 1: Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water prior to preparing formula
• Step 2: Pour desired amount of water into cup or bottle and add powder.
• Step 3: Cap bottle or cup and shake and mix well or stir well.

Once Prepared: Use immediately after prepared as formula can spoil quickly. If not used immediately, cover and store in refrigerator 35-40F (2-4 C) for no longer than 48 hours.  Do not use prepared formula if it has been unrefrigerated for longer than 2 hours.  Never freeze prepared formula. Use formula within 1 hour after consumption begins.

Powder Storage: 
Store bottles at room temperature. After opening bottle, make sure to keep tightly sealed, store in dry area and use contents within 1 month. Never freeze powder and avoid excessive heat.


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