Quality Ingredients

Here at California Milk USA we know that a product is only as good as the ingredients that go into its production; quality ingredients are what make quality products. This is why all our products are made with the finest premium ingredients authorized and sanctioned by the FDA; the best nature has to offer is the basis for all our products.

One of our most important tasks during the production process is to ensure that every single batch of ingredients is certified after being fully tested before it is used in any of our products. We know that if we are to manufacture the highest quality products then we have to ensure this very high level of commitment to quality and care is a priority and something we take very seriously.

California Milk USA also prides itself in the manufacture and supply of its own brand of organic products. Every one of these organic products is carefully manufactured to ensure that the best available organic ingredients are used; once again paying close attention to providing the highest quality to our customers.

So why not give our products a try and see for yourself the level of quality that goes into each bottle we produce, keeping in mind that every single one of them is “Made in the USA”.